Samuel's experience with the senior community has given him a thorough understanding of their needs as well as the complications that arise from aging and illness. His work for the community includes advocating and advising in matters related to medical treatment, financial planning, and estate management.

His comprehensive approach to senior care is rooted in a deep respect for the individual and a commitment to responsible service.
In these capacities he serves:

* Vulnerable persons who can no longer care for themselves.

* Independent, productive people who need assistance making sound financial, health care and day-to-day decisions.

* As a bridge between families, health care providers, caregivers and attorneys, while protecting the fiscal and financial interests of the person (conservatee).

He serves as an advocate for protecting the quality of life for individuals who may have no voice and /or can no longer take care of themselves. These include those with memory loss/dementia, widowed individuals, elderly “orphans” who live in isolated conditions. Plus, individuals with mental illnesses or other cognitive impairments, or those facing financially and/ or physically abusive situations.

As a Fiduciary, Mr. Thomas can be court appointed or hired privately to be a representative commonly referred as a conservator, trustee, guardian or personal estate representative.

Trust and Estate Services

I will carry out the terms of your trust, including funding the trust with appropriate assets, safeguarding assets, investing the trust according to the Prudent Investor Rule, file income tax returns on behalf of the trust, and make distribution of assets in accordance with the terms of the trust. I am also qualified to work with Special Needs Trusts with clients who have disabilities, including developmental disabilities.



After being legally appointed as your conservator, I will manage your estate and health care decisions. I only serve in this capacity if a court determines a person to be physically or mentally incapacitated. My responsibilities include receiving client’s income, paying obligations of the estate, applying for pensions, and organizing data for the preparation of income tax returns and other related duties.


Fiduciary, Support, Accounting, and Consulting

I will work as your advocate, personal manager and guardian in matters relating to your financial or personal well being. The decisions I make on your behalf are governed by the terms of your trust, will, power of attorney, or health care directive. I also have a legal responsibility to follow the guidelines of the California Probate Code and your wishes.

Powers of Attorney

I will advise or make healthcare decisions on your behalf, as needed. The decisions I make are based on an Advance Health Care Directive that you or you and I will create together. I also have the authority to carry out your wishes as a financial power of attorney and tend to all aspects of your money, trust, will, investments, legal proceedings, income, taxes, gifts, and property.